Kellie Parker

Manager Rail Operations
Rio Tinto
Category Nomination Outstanding Woman In Resources

At just 37, Kellie Parker has already had a varied career in the sector, from starting as an occupational therapist to now managing part of the rail network.

Within the resources sector, Kellie has successfully held senior leadership roles in areas traditionally male dominated including marine and railways. In these roles, she’s had to establish credibility and develop earned respect through her leadership style rather than technical competence or prior experience.

Kellie shows leadership over the largest, privately owned heavy haul railway in Australia, managing all aspects of operations including a network of 1400km of rail, 11 load outs, two dumpers and a team of 260 people.

Throughout her career, Kellie has driven diversity and equality and fundamentally believes the success of any organisation is its people. She exceeds expectations in this role and manages a young family at the same time. Kellie Parker is Manager Rail Operations - Cape and Inland at Rio Tinto.