Katrina Bukauskus

Katrina Bukauskus
Technical Advisor & Facilitator
Engineers Without Borders Australia
Category Nomination Outstanding Young Woman In Resources

Katrina is an exceptional young woman, who is passionate about the environment and humanitarian causes. As an environmental engineer in the oil and gas industry she believes her role is challenging yet rewarding, tasked with optimising resource consumption and protecting environmental values. Katrina is currently an environmental engineer with Woodside Energy.

As the first person to attend university in her extended family, Katrina set off to Brisbane at 17. Katrina worked extremely hard to support herself during university, rewarded by 4 scholarships, industry jobs throughout every summer holidays and numerous university jobs. Katrina graduated with first class honours.

Katrina continuously strives to develop her knowledge and experience in the environment field whilst providing opportunities for those around her to extend themselves. Katrina's key strengths are curiosity, optimism and enthusiasm. These characteristics are demonstrated through her innate desire to understand how things work, continuingly asking questions and challenging processes, along with her positive outlook and dedication to achieving excellent results.

Katrina has led a group of 20 volunteers to Cambodia as part of an ‘Engineers Without Borders’ project. She has also travelled to India to focus on an engineer’s role in community development.

Combining her career direction, with personal drive, and commitment to a healthy work-life balance, she demonstrates promise in her altruistic motives, strong influencing skills and established values. Katrina has the potential and a full set of capabilities to make a real difference, to contribute in a measured and valuable way to the resources industry, the environment and community development.