Newmont Boddington Gold

Driving Force
Category Nomination Outstanding Company Initiative

As a residential mine site, Newmont has found employing locals has numerous benefits for the Boddington community.

Newmont identified there was a large loss of production time occurring while full time equipment operators on twelve hour shifts were taking morning tea and lunch breaks. This was equating to thousands of tonnes of ore not being moved.

The Boddington management team decided to pursue the employment of women looking for work within the hours of morning tea and lunch breaks to relieve the full time equipment operators.

This initiative employed and trained local, inexperienced women for operator roles during the hours of 9am to 2pm. The women involved gained industry training, skills and experience and enabled them to continue to drop off and collect their children from school. From an operational perspective, the newly introduced shift covered the production downtime during the breaks of the full time equipment operators, with an estimated additional 120-160 hours of equipment operational time gained.