Kyra Bonney

Kyra Bonney
Category Nomination Outstanding Woman In Resources

Kyra Bonney is a Guburn (Kupurn) woman from the Goldfields region of Western Australia.

Kyra completed a mining traineeship at the age of 19, as the only female Indigenous trainee to complete the course at that time. This provided her entry to a 13-year career with large mining companies, as an operator and blast crew member on remote sites. Kyra developed a passion to help other Indigenous people; hence she undertook tertiary-level studies on a full-time basis. She completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Indigenous Community Management and Development.

Catalysed by the content of her studies and the challenges she faced as an operator, Kyra created her consultancy business, KBIC, in 2012, with a vision of providing services which ‘bridge the cultural divide’ between companies and Indigenous employees and community stakeholders. Her company now provides support to several WA resources companies which are seeking to train and employ and retain Indigenous Australians.

Juggling motherhood, full-time studies, or work, have been significant pressures for Kyra - overcome by remaining strongly focussed on the positive outcomes these endeavours bring. She is the youngest board member of the Aboriginal Lands Trust, Deputy Chairperson for the HALO project, an Indigenous youth leadership program, and a trainer/mentor for Ignite Basketball, a community initiative that uses sport to engage and develop young people in disadvantaged areas.