Geeta Thakorlal

Geeta Thakorlal
Director of Consulting and Hydrocarbon Select, Australia West
Category Nomination Outstanding Woman In Resources

Geeta Thakorlal has had a highly successful and inspiring career spanning over four continents. She has 28 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and has held various project and management positions.

Others have confidence in her ability to affect change because she has a proven track record of leading specialist teams of engineers and scientists to deliver significant and measurable outcomes despite challenging circumstances.

Geeta is an exemplary advocate for a fulfilled career and family life. She is passionate about transferring her knowledge and mentoring others to recognise and reach their professional and personal potential. Geeta mentors talent both locally and abroad and is a mother to two children.

Geeta is recognised as an industry leader and has been invited to present at many local and international industry forums.