WA Nationals’ link between mining tax and Royalties for Regions is deceptive

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) has moved to correct misleading information put out by the WA Nationals linking its job-destroying mining tax with Royalties for Regions.

Linking the two is deceptive and factually wrong.

In a statement yesterday, the party’s Member for North West Central said, “the only way to save Royalties for Regions was to update the legacy state agreements to make sure Rio Tinto and BHP were paying rates that were appropriate for 2017”.

The WA Nationals are trying to link an unpopular tax that will cost 3,400 WA jobs, harm investment into WA and result in an even worse share of GST with a popular policy to make it more palatable.
The fact is there is no link between the Nationals job-destroying tax and the fund.

As the name suggests, Royalties for Regions is funded from Royalties paid to the State and the system is set in legislation. The Nationals’ mining tax is an increase in a fee that does not feed into this and for it to do so would need a change to the law.