The resources sector is supporting WA’s economic recovery

The resources sector  kept operating during COVID 19. Changing how we work and introducing new safety measures. Now our focus is to support WA’s economic recovery.
We will work with WA to get through this by creating new jobs and investing in the community. And we will continue to pay wages, suppliers and taxes.

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) surveyed 41 of its member operations in 2017-18 which revealed that the total direct economic contribution to Australia was $57.7 billion, with $38 billion going to WA alone through wages and salaries and business purchases. The survey also found the resources sector directly supported 13,654 WA businesses.

Our members across the mining, oil and gas sectors, and associated service providers, collectively employ approximately 113,000 people directly.

Our sector also invests in local communities. CME’s survey revealed the resources sector directly supports 772 community organisations.

It’s a lasting partnership with the people and communities of WA.

We care about the people of WA because we are in it together for the long run.


directly supported

$30 Billion

In direct economic contribution

$7.4 Billion

In wages


Community organisations supported

Download our economic factsheets

CME surveys a sample of its members annually to estimate the contribution of the WA resources sector to the Western Australian and Australian economies through the payment of wages and salaries, business purchases, community contributions and payments to government.

The factsheets are divided into State electoral boundaries; Federal electoral boundaries; and regional boundaries.

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