CME to work with BHP on new industry approach

The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia (CME) today welcomed BHP’s industry association reforms aimed at addressing investor expectations around accountability and advocacy. 

CME Chief Executive Paul Everingham said CME would work closely with BHP to implement the reforms, several of which CME already had in place in line with internal processes. 
“Following a review, BHP has committed to maximise the value of its memberships to industry associations such as CME, and we welcome that,” he said. 
“CME values the BHP membership very highly.  BHP has played an extremely constructive positive role in the WA economy and community.  We look forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with BHP and all its employees. 

“Going forward, BHP has requested industry associations that it is a member of to develop and agree on a protocol for the allocation of advocacy accountabilities at the national and state level, as well as develop and publish an Annual Advocacy Plan. 
“Each policy area in CME has already developed work plans in which our policy priorities for the coming year are outlined to ensure our efforts and limited resources are focused on the most critical issues for our members. 
“We regularly track the progress of our priorities, which are closely monitored through our committee process and are published in our annual report and end of year review. 
“CME is committed to demonstrating our value to our members and will continue to work hard to give our members the confidence that we are working on their behalf in their best interests.”  

CME will work with BHP to implement the Protocol and Advocacy Plan models before the end of 2020.